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Our job is to educate you about the process, fight the battles we need to fight, give you honest legal advice, and then allow you to make the best decision you can about your future. We do not make the decision for you. We empower you to make the decision for yourself and your future.

We take pride in giving honest advice.  This means that we also have to tell you what you do not want to hear, what facts may not be in your favor, how the insurance company is likely to defend your case, and what happens if you take your case to court and lose.  These are not easy conversations but they need to happen.

We know your case is important to you and that this is a big decision for you and your life.  There is often not a “perfect” outcome.  That’s why we fight so hard to get you every advantage we can while we handle your case, so that you can make the best of an unfortunate circumstance.

Settlements and Verdicts

The below cases are from actual clients that David has assisted.  Please understand that prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases because each case is unique and must be evaluated separately. The only we can can assist you is for you to call us about your case.


Settlement in a denied case where a construction worker fell off a roof and was paralyzed from the waist down.  The case was denied and defended on the basis of intoxication and alleged alcohol consumption during a lunch break. All outstanding medical bills were also negotiated and paid as part of the settlement.


Settlement in an accepted case for a longtime airline ramp agent after an ankle replacement surgery left him unable to go back to lifting heavy luggage and getting in and out of aircraft. David was able to maneuver the case so that client could also get his pension and long-term disability through his employer.

$205,000 plus MSA

Settlement in an accepted case arising out of a motor vehicle accident while client was working.  Significant injuries included a multi-level neck fusion and shoulder surgery.  Defendants also funded a Medicare Set-Aside account as part of settlement since client was a Medicare recipient.


Settlement for frozen food receiver who was injured by heavy boxes of food falling off a pallet, causing multiple serious injuries. After knee replacement and shoulder surgery, client was not able to return to heavy duty work.  The claim settled while the parties were disputing a transfer of care to a new doctor.


Settlement for accepted claim involving two shoulder surgeries.  At the end of treatment, the parties disputed work status and work restrictions, as a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) showed heavy duty capacity but client indicated his abilities were far less.


Settlement in a  disputed case involving a degloving injury of the arm.  The employee was a machine operator and her arm was pulled into the machine.  Her employer alleged intoxication was what caused the injury. 


Settlement of accepted workers’ compensation claim.


Settlement in an accepted case that resulted in back surgery and the need for a spinal cord stimulator. This case was open for 8 years prior to settlement, and significant benefits were also recovered while the case was open. 


Settlement in an accepted claim where fast food restaurant manager suffered a non-surgical lower back injury that left him with permanent light duty restrictions. The claim was resolved while Defendants were attempting to find client a job by providing vocational rehabilitation services.


Settlement of accepted workers’ compensation claim.


Settlement in an accepted claim workers’ comp claim. Client was driving a concrete truck on the interstate and a tire blowout caused the truck to veer off the highway and rollover. Client sustained multiple severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Settlement of accepted claim where parties were disputing whether the neck injury and need for surgery was related to the work injury.

$150,000 plus MSA

Settlement for truck driver who slipped and fell in an out-of-state filling station.  After shoulder surgery, client was not able to go back to long distance truck driving. Defendants also funded a Medicare Set Aside account as part of settlement.


Settlement for nurse injured during a car accident while driving for work. David was able to resolve her workers’ comp case, and he also worked closely with her personal attorney who recovered a separate $150,000 for her.


Settlement for longtime truck driver after back surgery left him with permanent limitations where he could not return to work.  Client also qualified for long-term disability and Social Security Disability.


Settlement for truck driver who was not able to settle her case at mediation, but the parties were able to negotiate a full and final settlement in the months after.


Settlement for maintenance technician who had shoulder surgery, leaving him with permanent work restrictions.


Settlement for machine operator who hand was pulled into a machine, leading to two completely amputated fingers.


Settlement for electrician who had back surgery resulting in permanent work restrictions. 


Settlement for constructor worker who was operating a skid steer when it fell 10 feet off a platform, causing a back injury with transverse process vertebrae fractures. Client avoided surgery but was limited in heavy duty activities at the time of settlement.


Settlement for concrete truck driver who injured her hand while operating equipment on the back of the truck.  Surgery was discussed but was not the best treatment option at the time of settlement.

$110,000 plus MSA

Settlement for a furniture builder who injured his shoulder and had a shoulder replacement surgery.  Defendants also funded a Medicare Set-Aside of over $100,000 at the time of settlement for future medical treatment including possible neck surgery.


Settlement for prison guard who suffered multiple complex rib fractures in an inmate extraction exercise, where one of the rib fractures did not heal correctly, leaving him with significant and uncontrollable bouts of pain.


Settlement for accepted claim where significant injuries lead to pain management.  At the time of settlement, gastric bypass surgery was being discussed and disputed as to whether it should be covered by workers’ compensation.

The above examples include some of the cases where David has recovered over $100,000 for his clients. However, most cases resolve for less than $100,000. David has resolved hundreds and hundreds of cases under this amount, too.