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Over $20 Million Recovered

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Experienced Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyer

David Galbavy founded Galbavy Law to help people who are injured, plain and simple. He began his career as an insurance defense attorney, and then in 2017 started using his experience to help the injured and make a difference.  David has developed a unique skillset that is centered around compassion, details, and diligence, all for the purpose of helping his clients. 

David is a board-certified specialist in workers’ compensation and a certified superior court mediator.  He is no stranger to the courtroom, as he has litigated numerous cases to final opinions and through appeals.  David’s detailed approach includes exploring all issues in your case to help maximize your recovery and apply the appropriate amount of pressure on the insurance companies that are handling your case.  If you are denied benefits that you should be getting, he will turn up the pressure and develop a tactical plan to fight back.  Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you, hire an experienced lawyer liked David to fight for you and help you get what you deserve.

Why choose Galbavy Law for your case?

At Galbavy Law, the attorney-client relationship is the most important aspect of how we help our clients.  While David is assisted by non-attorney team members, he will be directly involved in your case from the beginning to the end.  Some law firms try to minimize contact with their attorneys, but not here.  David wants to talk to you directly and will be your primary point of contact during your case. 

David handles cases where people are injured. These are accidents that occur at work, on the road, or while on someone’s property. His cases generally involve orthopedic injuries, injuries that require surgery, or injuries that result in permanent limitations or disfigurement. Navigating the medical treatment after an injury is one of the most important factors that David focuses on, not just for helping the case, but for prioritizing one’s recovery, because your health is priceless.  Let us work on your case so that you can focus on your recovery.  


Contingency Fee is Win/Win

We work on a contingency fee arrangement, which means we don’t charge an attorney’s fee unless we get a financial recovery for you, whether by settlement or court order. We will take your case only if we think we increase your recovery and get you a better result than you would get without us.

Millions Recovered

David is humbled to have recovered over $20 Million dollars for his clients. Of course, prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases because each case is unique and must be evaluated separately.

We Care About Our Clients

Our first and biggest priority is our clients, plain and simple. We are a small firm that prides itself on big service.

Communication is Key

Strong communication is key in any relationship, but especially in the attorney-client relationship. David and his team are quick to return calls and provide case updates.


Honest Advice

We will give you advice throughout your claim, whether it is what you want to hear or not. All cases are not created equal. Not everyone gets a big pay day. Some cases are difficult to win in court. Here at Galbavy Law, we give our honest advice whether good, bad, or in between. We don’t make empty promises just to get you in the door.

Results Oriented

Begin the with end in mind. Trust us to prepare for the short-term and long-term. Over 90% of our cases resolve before court, but we prepare all of them like they will end up in court one day, because you have to be ready for all possibilities. We take a detailed approach to our cases because the details matter. More attention to detail results in better outcomes. Trust our attention to detail.

Service to Client

Our clients are our biggest priority, and we are here to assist you in your difficult journey of recovering from an injury and navigating your claim against the insurance company. We are responsive, we are diligent, and we are caring.

People Matter

We operate to help people. You did not choose to be injured, and we cannot undo your injury. However, we will help you navigate your claim and prepare to a make a good decision for yourself, for your future. We want to help bridge the gap between an unexpected injury and the next chapter of your life.

Team Work

We work with those we trust, and we trust those with whom we work. Each team member is trusted to contribute to the overall client experience. While David is the primary decision maker on all legal issues, he strategically utilizes firm personal and outside relationships for the best overall experiences. We are stronger together.

Community Service

We strive to give back to the community in any way possible. In addition to helping his clients, David has a special passion for helping veterans, victims of abuse, and abandoned animals. View the firm's favorite organizations by clicking the blue icon above.

Most Common Cases

Our talented team is capable of handling a wide variety of injury cases. Here are our most common case types:


Workers' Compensation

Many injuries that occur at work are covered by workers’ compensation, but not all of them.  If you were hurt at work, let us fight to get you all the medical treatment and compensation you deserve. David is a certified workers’ compensation specialist who is ready to help you.


Car Accidents

If you are injured by the negligence of another driver and get any kind of medical treatment, we can help you identify all of the insurance policies covering your accident to maximize your recovery. North Carolina is one of a few contributory negligence states, which means if you are 1% at fault then you recover nothing.  Let us help you navigate your claim.


Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents often result in more significant injuries than normal automobile accidents, and there are more rules and laws to navigate in trucking accidents.  Also, the policy limits in these cases are higher, so there is more as stake for you to win or lose. Let us help you get what you deserve.

*$20 Million Recovered – David Galbavy is proud of his successful outcomes on behalf of his clients in various legal matters, including personal injury, automobile accidents, and workers’ compensation. However, prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes in future cases because each case is unique and must be evaluated separately.